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History of PLATH AG

PLATH AG was founded in 2006 by the two German companies PLATH GmbH and PROCITEC GmbH. Since then PLATH AG has evolved from a software provider and a Swiss customer support centre to an international provider of solutions for Communications Intelligence, Electronic Warfare and Intelligence Collection Management.

Some highlights from PLATH AG´s history have been:

2006 Foundation in Bern
2010 1. Berner RF Day, organised in collaboration with National Instruments. Since then this annual event has developed to an established information and networking platform bringing together experts from the high-frequency sector.
2011 Foundation of the office in Zürich, buildup of a specialists team for signal analysis and signal processing in Zürich
2011 “Best Paper Award” for Universal Signal Center (LabVIEW) by PLATH AG during NI Days 2011
2012 Buildup of a Java developer team in Bern
2013 Change of company name to PLATH AG
2013 ISO 9001 certification
2013 Buildup of a competence centre for jamming and intelligence of civil mobile communication in Bern