Analysis products

ICAS Signal Analyst

The professional for analysis and description of new radio signals

The ICAS Signal Analyst is an expert working position, consisting of the PROCITEC software suite PROCEED, an ICAS Operator Basic and optional ICAS working position plugins.

ICAS Signal Analyst is a specialist’s working position which focuses on the analysis and description of new or unknown transmission methods as well as on the development of new decoders for those signals. The working position is basically realised by the software PROCEED.

ICAS Traffic Analyst

Discover hidden structures and network information

The ICAS working position Traffic Analyst is a specialist dedicated for communication profiling, data mining and visualisation of potential networks.

The ICAS Traffic Analyst consists of the PLATH communication profiling intelligence software product COPIN, an ICAS Operator Basic and optional ICAS working position plugins. COPIN is an innovative software offering a comprehensive way to use a range of methods to reveal and recognise communication structures. It works on structured data, applying selectable attributes and works independent from the data source or sensor system. COPIN is deployed as desktop application for onsite scenario assessment to explore possible communication partners. In a long term post-analysis the software supports the gathering of basic knowledge on networks and behavioural patterns.

PROCEED Recognition ▪ Demodulation ▪ Decoding

PROCEED is a high end, all-in-one standalone software solution for manual or automatic signal analysis and content production. It can be used either in small monitoring solutions or as the software of choice for a technical analyst working position for example within a larger COMINT system.

A modern learning COMINT system includes at least one working position for manual signal analysis. PROCEED is ideally suited to be used for manual signal analysis and extending decoder databases. It allows in depth measurements of signal parameters, the adaptation of existing modems (combination of demodulator and decoder) as well as the development of new modems using the decoder description language (DDL). Thus adapted or new modems can be fed back into the automatic system.

Thereby the customer is able to use his confidential signal knowledge in the system without having to share it with third parties.