• Support to governments and official bodies
    in the preservation of national security

  • Solutions for intelligence agencies
    in support of counter-terrorism

  • Support to security agencies
    in the prevention of conflicts

Use cases

National security

Intelligence agencies, national security organisations and also international organisations have an interest in early, far-range information gathering concerning radio and telecommunications.

Early information about intelligence objectives and communication relations are vital for national security, both in terms of tracking international developments as well as securing borders against persons illegally crossing them.

Intelligence provides political leaders with an independent and continuous assessment of the situation, an equal participation in information exchange with partner nations and therefore, above all, the early detection and thus prevention of crises and conflicts.

PLATH AG designs and creates national security solutions for governments and official bodies around the globe.


The objective of counter-terrorism is to detect and prevent terrorist actions in the early stages. Well-founded information concerning terrorist groups or individual perpetrators and their potential attacks is inalienable when combatting terrorist threats.

Targeted communications intelligence as well as impeccable evaluation skills and automation facilitate the early identification of such threats as well as the coordination of operative measures for the vast amount of information involved in this sector.

In the field of counter-terrorism, PLATH AG solutions for intercepting and evaluating verbal and non-verbal communications provide support to the responsible intelligence agencies.

Security at major events

Security at high-profile events is an increasingly complex task, not least due to the continuous increase in data volume, different data formats and a growing range of communication media, devices and channels.

Action forces require easy access to the constantly increasing amount of information. This requires communications intelligence and evaluation solutions that are quickly adaptable to changing environments. Mass data must be processed within a very short time in order to provide real-time situation reports as a basis for decision-making. The objective is to provide a maximum degree of intelligence with a resource efficient deployment of personnel.

PLATH AG solutions provide a better understanding of the real-time situation and enable to respond faster and more appropriately.