• Certified quality

  • On-site system integration
    by qualified personnel


PLATH AG is committed to be a trusted advisor and partner to our clients, thus providing them with a comprehensive portfolio in services.


Starting with initial analysis of customer-specific requirements, PLATH AG contributes its collective know-how to understand customers' needs and to offer result-oriented advice on potential solutions. True to our commitment to partnership, all systems are designed in close cooperation with the customer. Based on our expertise PLATH AG also provides studies in COMINT , EW and ICM .

Project Management

PLATH AG offers a customer oriented and individual project handling to ensure that our customers' high quality standards are met at all times. All employees at our offices are subject to rigorous security checks, which means that PLATH AG is able to work on classified and highly confidential projects.


PLATH AG offers intensive training for all products and systems provided to customers. Based on our expertise we also provide basic courses in COMINT , EW and ICM .

System Integration

PLATH AG takes charge of system integration and installation at the customer's premises. In all projects, PLATH AG acts as a reliable system integrator for a diverse range of platforms. We integrate proprietary solutions and also systems designed by our partners or by third-party providers into new or existing environments. As with all our services, the customer's needs are always in the centre of our attention.


Regular maintenance is essential to ensure smooth and continuous operation of the equipment. PLATH AG offers customized maintenance contracts and services tailored to customers' individual needs for all hard- and software as well as solutions provided. Our customized maintenance agreements guarantee competent support by qualified personnel on the customer’s premises within agreed response times.